From London food stall to global restaurant brand

From his beginnings of operating a variety of food stalls in Camden market, Dong Hyun Kim's vision was pure and simple - to share his passion for fresh, authentic, handmade Japanese sushi & bento with 'sandwich-loving' diners in the UK. This passion started the Wasabi story, opening his first branch on London's Embankment in 2003.
Ten years later, Mr Kim is still growing and improving the Wasabi brand. With a friendly staff and modern approach to dining, Wasabi aims to to deliver a fast, flavorful and affordable dining experience.
Wasabi is currently comprised of more than 39 flourishing branches across the UK. With a global goal in mind, Mr. Kim has now set out to bring the Wasabi brand stateside with the opening of the first US location in New York City's bustling Times Square.


The ingredients that go into every dish

Inspired by authentic Japanese cuisine, Wasabi's menu features a variety traditional Japanese dishes and recipes, all made fresh daily in our open kitchen.

Each day at Wasabi, guests can watch our chefs create a diverse menu ranging from individually-wrapped sushi to flavorful hot bento dishes, side:
warming noodle soups, and satisfying salad.


Wasabi Sushi & Bento New York USA sushi sets

Excellent team work

We're a hardworking, efficient team - pure and simple. Our managers and chefs work alongside the kitchen and floor team members to create a positive and harmonious experience that consistently meets our excellent service standards.


Wasabi & well-being

The health benefits of sushi are clear as it originates from Japan, where life expectancy is one of the highest in the word. So why exactly do Wasabi and well-being go hand in hand?